Clicker Training for Puppy and Dog Training Classes in Kingston upon Thames and Barnes

What is Clicker Training?

Dogs learn very quickly through association. The clicker is a tool that makes a sound that is not heard at any other time and once paired with food becomes a very powerful way of non- verbally telling your dog what they did right to get a reward.

The advantages over using a clicker instead of just using treats are many. Initially it is a very accurate way of pinpointing exactly what they did right to earn a treat. It is consistent so children can train just as effectively as adults. As the treat arrives after the click this means your dog starts working for the click, which avoids situations where clever dogs will only work because you have a treat in your hand. The click can very quickly be used to extend an exercise, so for example, the length of time your dog sits can vary as they learn to sit and wait for the click and treat. Puppies learn to calmly wait for the click as they realise the rules of the game.

Once your dog understands what you are teaching them and are reliable in all situations the clicks and treats can be faded out. It is a tool for training and doesn’t mean you have to use it forever!



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Murphy (a very bouncy cocker spaniel) and I thoroughly enjoyed the Puppy. We learnt so much more than just training. There was always a warm welcome, sound advice and tips on any concerns I had along the way. But most important each class was fun for the owners and the dogs.

Owner of Murphy a Cocker Spaniel

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