Puppy Classes Level 3 in Kingston upon Thames and Barnes

Puppy Classes Level 3

These classes take your training up a notch. It is at this stage as we start to teach more advanced exercises that owners start to see more consolidated results. It is a lovely class to teach as we start to see a deep meaningful working relationship building between owner and their dog based on mutual respect and trust.

Owners need to have completed the Puppy level 2 course to attend at this level.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Small friendly classes with up to 8 puppies.
  • Each class is run by a fully qualified instructor with one or two assistant trainers.
  • Local Vets recommend us.
  • Daytime and evening classes.
  • We are passionate about the quality and care we put into the quality of our teaching.
  • Motivational Training – No Shouting, No Force.
  • Kennel Club Listed


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You helped us so much with Rusty in the autumn and he has become a great dog just as you predicted. When we first got him from Battersea he jumped up constantly and couldn't even understand 'sit'. He has turned out to be very trainable and very affectionate. I kept in mind that you said he'll be the perfect dog for your family in a few months - you gave us the confidence to give him a chance.

Thank you so much.

Owner Rusty (a crossbreed from Battersea Dog's Home)

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